Saturday, August 31, 2013
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How To Get Backlinks From comments Without Falling in Spam

If you read about building backlinks on pronline space or other blogs you will learn that writing comments on other blogs in the same niche as your blog give you some backlinks to get better SEO.
but the problem the most of blog masters refuse to accepte your link on their blogs so in this post i will give an idea to get backlinks without spam.

Sometimes you find this box in some blogs
you can notice that you can add your blog as a link under your name.
My idea is to write your blog name on the "name box" so when you comment you will get backlinks because your blog is in the comment even if you don't write the link in the comment.
Because if you write the comment then you add your blog link it can be spam or your comment will be deleted.

when you write a comment don't add your link in the comment , just add it in "website" box and write your blog name in "Name" box.
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