Thursday, June 6, 2013
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Seo Strategies To Make Your Blog In The Top Of Search Engines

seo strategies

To be in the top of search engines requires hard work and learning about SEO strategies that can open the way for your blog (or website) to make it in the top of search engines results .

But today i will give you the most important tips that if you apply it you can get fast results in your blog so what are the Seo Strategies To Make Your Blog In The Top Of Search Engines ? .
write featured posts
1- Be impressive and featured :
Many new bloggers use the "strategie" of copy -paste in their blog but here you should know that you play with danger because you play with one of the most intelligent search engines so don't kill your blog . maybee you face many problems in writing featured posts in your blog using seo strategies but don't worry the secret is to write and write if you don't succeed in your first post you will succeed in the next post .

2- Use the least competitive keywords :
If you have a new blog don't focuse on populaire keywords because you will not find a place between other populaire blogs/websites and remember that many peoples don't always use the populaire keywords so in the beginning you will get a little number of visitors but with time you will become in the top of search engines .
another advice -- before you start writing any word in your new post you should search the keywords that you think it will give you visitors then use it in your title , if you notice that when you search anything in google the first websites that appear are that countain your words . so focus in your title in keywords .

3- Keep your visitors long time :
When someone come to your blog and exit without accessing to other pages that's mean he don't find what he search  so always link between your blog pages to make visitors access to more posts . This is the secret of any successful blog.

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