Friday, July 19, 2013
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Professional Ways to Build Organic Backlinks

There are tons of ways to build backlinks (external links) to your blog but these ways are different in getting organic backlinks .
Organic Backlinks are external links builded naurally as a result of the high quality content that you give for your visitors . in other words if you write a good content visitors will : like it , share it , talk about it , write about it. so you will get visitors just by writing good content
as an example : everyone know facebook ! do you know why ? it's the result of organic backlinks because peoples like it so they decide to share it . 
For you if you have a good content you will not be tired of sharing your link in other websites because peoples will do it for you for free BECAUSE you have a good content and this technique is for professional peoples.

So how to Build Organic backlinks :
If you think that it's difficult i'm sure that you will change your opinion after reading this post .

- Join Online Discussion
If you want to build organic backlinks + returning visitors the best solution is joining discussion in blogs or forums in the same topic with your blog for example if you find a discussion about a topic that you already write about in your blog i advice you to join it and give some points including the source of these points (your blog) . This will build a big discussion about the topic of your blog and users will feel that you're professional.

- Get Experience 
No one has borned professional we all start from the beginning from the first word,first step and first food ... but the difference between the successful and the failure is how much you learn and the best source to learn is from the best . In our topic , if you want to be a better blogger or to make money from your blog you will not succeed in achieving that unless if you learn from who is better than you and from who have better experience . 
One more advice : Don't write about something you don't know it , if you have an experience in something don't hesitate to write about it and the result of that is peoples will like your content then you will get backlinks .

- Give Something For Free To Get Backlinks 
Visitors like free things that's why the populaire blogs always give free gifts to it visitors to get more backlinks. how ? When you download a book you will find the link of website's writer , so a FREE book+visitors= thousands of downloads and this mean tons of traffic and make sure that there are always peoples who share the free books in other forums/blogs for many reasons .
You can also benifit of your free gift by giving it for only who subscribe to your newsletter.

- Be Social 
Between many different social media it's easy to be social or even populaire online , and you can profit of this by posting your blog topics in these social medias to get more organic backlinks and traffic .

- Conclusion 
If you want to build organic backlinks the secret is in the content because from the beginning of blogger to today "The Content Still The KING"
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