Saturday, August 31, 2013
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With Google Glass Say Good Bye To Privacy

Some global statistics companies expect the arrival of the number of google glass solds to 10 Millions by the end of 2016 so we can raise many questions and concerns at the same time like what is the future of privacy?.
After the excitement felt by all who saw the modus operandi of the new google glass and the ease of taking photos and download it to internet and the conversation via chat programs as well as the ability to search for information via the Google search engine, was born a new sense for many technologie observers wrought by Google, and now they think about the level of privacy in each time they pass near any of google glass users.

google glass privacyFrom Now, even before the officially launch of the glass in the market, some shops and bars In the United States has prevented the wear of google glass inside, in the interest of customer privacy, but what about the roads and other public places? Does some Governments will prevent the introduction of google glass in their markets?
the new glasses allow user to take pictures and video without releasing any sound, so who wear this glass can film at any time without the knowledge of anyone, also it allows the user to upload images to the Internet quickly and easily.
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