Monday, July 15, 2013
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Your Way To Build Successful And Top selling App

make money from apps

The first thing that will appear in your head as a developper is how to build a successful and top selling app that make much money .
but what you need to know is making money from an app don't come overnight it's the result of planning,hard working and little experience , so in this post i will give you what you need to sell your app , make it successful , make money from it and achieve your goal .

1- Planning
If you think that you can succeed and make a successful app without planning you're just dreaming because when you decide to build or code a new app you will draw just the general photo of your new app in your head but the next step that you must do is copying this photo to a paper so the next step is :

2- Use Pen and Paper
You can't plan for a project in your head you should copy the ideas and relate it on a paper to make everything easy -- and as they said "Make It Easy" .
Before you start coding you should know what you will code and here the paper will help you to code step by step without forgetting anything .

3- Studying the Market
On of the step that can help you in building a successful app is studying the market and knowing what users want , "Know What They Want And Give It To Them" . online stores like app store or google play ... don't allow you to test the game before you buy it or download it they just give you the description and some photos from the app , so you can say that " The Money In The Design"

4- Design
As i said in the previous tip that users will not buy your app by testing it playing , they test it just from the description , the logo , the name and especially from the photos that you choose it to be under the description .
So using a pen and paper draw an amazing design for your app and always think about the design as an important part in anything because it's the secret of successful anything ( exemple blog) watch : The secret of successful blog .

5- Learn from other apps secrets
Any successful app has a secret that it owner use it to build it and make money from his app , so if you don't have any experience in selling apps online you can get an idea or knowing the way that successful developper think to build this successful app . BUT Don't copy ideas , just take a look , start your own idea , build your app , and know you have a secret of successful app .

6- Start Coding
After you finish planning for building your new app you can start the seconde part of your project "coding" now you can transform the ideas that you write it on the paper to reality using codes .
if you don't know coding you can pay for someone to code the app for you and you will get the amount that you pay it after selling the app , or you can learn coding and use what you learn it in building your new app .
don't worry if your first app wasn't successful try again and again and you will succeed in the end , start by coding simple apps like "Hello World !" .

7- Test your app
Do you finish coding ? you still have one more step if you don't want to loose money it's testing your app . you can't sell an app without test it and solving it errors because there are many stores like app store test apps before they accept it and publish it so if you don't test your app you will loose your money and time without anything.

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