Thursday, August 29, 2013
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What you Need to Know Before Buying a Laptop for College

We are now in the end of the summer holiday, so we need some technologie help to use it in our studies. and in this post i will give you some advices before you buy a new laptop for your College.
1- Price:
The first thing anyone think about is the price of the laptop, because not everyone can buy an expensive laptop with more than 1000$, and not all father can buy this. so before you start choosing put the amount of money that you can pay on the table.

2- Characteristics and features:
 - Battery: no one want the laptop to shut down in the middle of the lesson or when you start your project or homework... so focus on the battery life and how much time you can use it.
* the 13inch Macbook air (2013) with 12 hours battery life-- price: 1.049.00$ Read More
Samsung NP355E5C-A01US with 5 hours battery life -- price: 379.99$ Read More

- Weight: when i say a laptop for college that's mean you will need to take it with you to many places, so if you choose a heavy laptop you will get tired.
Acer Aspire S7 : weight: 2.86 lbs -- price: 727$ Read More
* HP Spectre XT Pro : weight 3.1 lbs -- price: 863$ Read More

- Screen: here you can choose between a large sreen or a small screen , so if you need to use multitasking and running multiple softwares at once choose a large screen , and if you will use it just for projects or reviewing your homeworks don't waste your money just buy a little screen or moyen screen
* apple macbook pro (15inch) screen size: 15-inch Read More
ASUS X202E-DB21T -- screen size: 11.6-inch Read More

- Antivirus or malwares softwares: if you will use your laptop just for college and studying you don't need to buy an antivirus you can just download and install a free antivirus or anti malwares
* Avast Free Antivirus
* AVG Free

3- How to save your money when you want to buy a laptop for college :
as you see in the previous suggestions there are many expensive laptops with high features but you can buy a laptop which is not in these suggestions , and my advice is "buy a laptop in your use" for example don't buy a gaming laptop to use it in your college for project and homework because this kind of laptops is expensive (+1000$).
it's not important if you buy a laptop with "pentinum processor" or with 512, 1gb of ram , or a low grafic card because you will not need it or use it.
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