Wednesday, August 28, 2013
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"HTC" Work on Developing a New Operating System For it Mobiles

According to a news report that the company "HTC" (HTC) is currently working on developing an operating system for mobile devices to target the Chinese market in particular, and that, according to the newspaper "Wall Street Journal" informed sources.
According to the newspaper (Wall street journal) that the expected system will come specifically to work with chinese applications, such as the application of "Sina Weibo", it's a special application service similar to "Twitter", the sources pointed out that the launch of the system will be before the end of the year, where HTC is testing the system on a specified number of smart phones, in addition to the initial number of models that have been sent in advance to the Chinese government.

The report of the same source said," that it is not clear whether it will be the new operating system independent, or based on "Android",the two companies "Acer" and the "HTC" are part of the alliance of open source devices, who led by "Google", which means that the "HTC" abide by the laws set by "Google".

It is noteworthy that this step comes at a time when "HTC" had financial difficulties, where the chief executive of the company, "Peter Chou," said: "The gains of the company for the second quarter of the year 2013 portends with lower revenues for the third quarter increased by 29.3%compared to the previous quarter (of the year) "
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