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The Secret For A Successful Blogging

The Secret For A Successful Blogging
The new bloggers are like a baby , they always need help in blogging and learning the secrets of blogging life that's why they had many problems when they start a blog but in this post i will give you all the secrets that you need for a successful blogging.
1- Design and good looking 
If you notice sometimes when you enter to a blog and you find a bad design and disorganized content you will exit without reading the rest of the content . this is the same for your blog if you have a bad design you will not get returnig visitors because they will hate this failure blog ,but if they like your design they will pass to level 2 : the content .
there are many free designes online just search for free templates in google .

2- Content is still the king 
content is the kingThe level 2 in the blog is the content because if the design is good reader will continue to content if it's bad he will exit . from the beginning of blogging the content is the king of any blog or website and it still like that to today . the most commun fault that new bloggers to is the copy past way , but you should know that this wa
y is a destructive way for your blog and if you continue doing that google will hate your blog and you will never succeed with this blog .
You can take a look on this post : Your way to build a successful blog 

3- Advertising 
You can't make successful blog without advertising , if you ask why i will answer you : "how peoples will know that you have a blog ?" so to make a successful blog or to make money from your blog you need to tell peopels about your blog using paid advertising like google adwords or free advertising like social medias, forums,other blogs .... .

4- Hard Working 
Don't expect success overnight and don't think that you will make money just in one day , blogging is a long way like i say in the first of the post , and to continue this way you should hard work and go step by step .
hard working in bloggingso the secret here is to be patient and to know what you do and do it with love .

5- Learning always and everything 
Never say i know everything because if you say it you must know that you fail , learning don't have borders , always you should learn always you should ask and never say i don't have anything to know because if you don't succeed in blogging, 100% you have a problem and to solve this problem you should learn from the best .

6- Learn from your faults then your success 
Don't say i'm a successful blogger because even professional bloggers make faults in blogging but the difference between successful and failure bloggers is : one learn only from his success and one learn from his faults.
why i say that ? , because you must learn from you faults to transform it into success to finally build a successful blogging story .

blogging is a long way
7- Blogging is a long way 
Blogging is like any other work or successful story , you need to walk a long way to reach the end of this way , of you are strong you will reach this end but if you are weak you will fail , but in blogging the choice is for you : you choose if you want to succeed or not .

8- Build Your Own Secrets and ideas 
Learning from others is good but don't stop there you should have a dream and a goal , why you stay like other peoples ? why you don't become the best blogger in the world ? this is the secret you should learn from others but also you must have your own ideas and stories to be an example of a successful blogger .

9- Be positive
If you don't succeed in blogging don't say i'm failure , search why you fail solve the problem and you will make it successful .

10- Give your readers more then they want/need
When a visitors enter to your blog he wants to find what he need then he will go but if you give him more than he needs he will like your blog because you do something different then the other blogs so if he faces a new problem your blog will be the first in his mind because he will remember what you do for him.

11- Make them happy and feel comfortable 
Always think like your readers to know what they want to make the visitors happy when he enter to your blog for finding something , you can do that by using colors and good font .... .

12- Be a pro to make a returnig visitors 
When you write a new post try to write professional words and new ideas that can attract visitors to read more and explore the other posts on your blog like writing sayings . also you can relate between your blog posts by adding a link in a word or tell him to take a look on a post .

13- Repaire yourself 
Repairing yourself mean to be a better blogger like knowing what readers need and what they want and how to make them read more , you can learn this by reading these posts in Blogging Label On Pronline Space.

14- Love what you do 
Why you write posts ? why you want to be a successful blogger ? never do that just for money because as i say blogging is a long way and if you don't like it you will get bored fast and the result is a failure blogging story . but if you don't like blogging try to create a blog about something you love it .

15- Use newsletters to make returning visitors 
Newsletters and email marketing is one of the most populaire ways to make returning visitors and to sell affiliate products that's mean you will get free traffic and you will make money just by sending emails .

16- Tell peoples about your blog 
One of the ways to get visitors from all the world is tell them about you , and you can do that using many ways like inviting your friends and tell them to invite their friends ... or writing comments in other blogs or using the advertising way .

17- Give Free stuffs 
If you ask me about the secret to get returning visitors and to make a successful blogging i will tell you FREE stuffs , all peoples in the world like FREE stuffs because this make them more comfortable on you , and this is the secret of the populaire blogs and bloggers in the world and one of the ideas that you can use it is giving free ebook if the visitor sign up to your newsletter .

18- Step by step to reach the top 
In blogging you can't run , everything come with patience,practice,and learning so if you want to be the best blogger ever you must progress by steps . You may not reach the top of the ladder without rising the stairs.

19- Use your mind 
Using your mind is an important thing to get new ideas to make your blog successful and more populaire .

20- Put yourself in the place of your readers 
The successful blogger is who put himself in the place of the reader and know what they want to be the first who give it to them .

21- Always be advanced 
Be advanced to the other bloggers , don't be a copy because the world don't need more copies of peoples. to be advanced you should use your own ideas , build your own plan and reach your goal .

22- Make your blog professional 
If you apply all the previous steps you can say that you have a professional blog , the professional blog mean a professional blogger .

23- Use Social medias 
Today the social medias become the most populaire ways to connect with others and share ideas or suggestions , but also it have another use : FREE Advertising , yes you can use social medias like facebook and twitter to get more fans or followers and then more visitors .

24- SEO 
The Seo or Search Engines Optimization is preparing your blog for search engines that's mean making your blog a friend with search engines like google , seo world is a large world that countian thousands of informations and types .
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