Tuesday, June 25, 2013
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What You Should Do Before You Lost Your Android Phone

9:47 PM

It's hard to lost an expensive android phone especially when it is a new phone like galaxy S3 or S4 , the last statistics says that every 3.5 secondes there is a stolen phone so if you want to save your android phone i will give you 4 steps you should do before you lost your android phone that will help you find it again.
1- Use password or pattern :
pattern or password may be a good way to stop thief from accessing to your phone or at least slow him down until you find your phone that's why you should use a hard password to get more chance in finding your phone before thief access to your apps and delete the important files .

2- Leave informations in lockscreen :
If you forget your android phone in a public place may be a good peoples will find it but when he will try to call someone in your contact liste he will find that your phone is closed with password so the solution is to put your name or friend number in the lockscreen to help who find your phone to call you.

3- Save a Backup of your files :
Always save a backup of your files not in android phone only but you should do this step in iphone , computer even in your blog or website to not lose your files or data in case of a problem .
you can save a backup from your files by activing the synchronization with Google + or DropBox where your files are uploading Automatically to avoid loss in case of loss of your phone .

4- Use tracking software :
to this day google don't annonce any tracking software althought you can find tracking softwares in apple like locate my iphone . but this is not a problem you can use avast tracking software which called Avast Anti-Theft or the populaire software : Cerberus Anti-Theft which is a paid program because of it features . tracking softwares allow you to locate your phone (android or ios) when it loss , it allow you to see where is your phone in a map , close it with a password , stop using the phone , delete all data , emergency mode ...etc .
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