Tuesday, June 4, 2013
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Your Way To Build A Successful Blog

how to build a successful blog

Many new bloggers fail in building their successful blogs becuase they don't have any experience to make their blogs populaire and successfl. that's why in this post i will give you the way and steps to start a successful blog from the beginning and get a high pagerank.
1- So let's start step by step . when you want to start a blog the first think you should do is choosing the domain name and it must be the same as the name of the blog for example Pronline Space you can note that the domain name is the same as the blog name , seconde point is it's easy to remember SO when you choose your domain name it must be between 1 and 3 words not more to make your visitors remember it when they want to visit your blog . also your domain name should show the catatgorie of your blog that's mean you shouldn't write football in your domain name and your blog talk about music , visitors when come to your blog will never come again and let's take this blog as an example , when see Pronline Space the first thing you will say is that this blog talk about internet or computer and you will not say it's a blog about music and this is one of the secrets of a successful blogs.

2- After you choose the best domain name you should start building your blog by choosing a beautiful template , and here you can choose the template you like but it should be easy to browse and not complicate. Visitors when come to your blog will not see the content first , they will see the template if they like it they will continue surfing your blog if they don't like it they will not read any other word because they will think that your blog is fail before they see the content , so to know if the blog is a failure blog or successful you should see the template .

3- So after you choose the domain name and template you can start building your blog by  writing new posts, but when you write you should make in mind these points :
 a- When you write a post you should choose populaire topics that peoples search for it and want to read it , that's mean you shouldn't write strange topics no one search it on google , and for that you can use google adwords or Google Trends .
 b- When you choose the most populaire keywords you should use it in the title of your blog for example let's say that you choose these keywords ( Watch , Videos , Youtube , Without Browser ) the title of the post should be like that : how to watch videos on youtube without browser .
 c- After we choose keywords and the title we should start writing the post but make in mind what i say "Don't Forget These Keywords" , the secret of any successful blog is the keywords in the post so you should use these keywords in the post , it's not important to make them closer you can write each one word in each sentence , the important is to write them .
 d- Keep writing these keywords in the post many times without exaggeration , for example if you write 100 keyword in one paragraph your post will become a spam and it will not apear in google .
 e- When you write the post you should always add links for your other posts to make google access to your other blogs , and you can see that in the previous paragraph when i put a link in the post that talk about watching youtube videos on your desktop , this will make your posts interrelated and more populaire .

4- So after you do all these points you should add your blog to google webmaster tools and add your sitemap to google : if your blog on blogger the sitemap will be like that www.example.com/sitemap.xml , if  it's on wordpress you can use xml sitemap generator .

5- Next step is to share your blog on social websites like facebook and twitter or you can use forums , and this will make your blog more populaire and get a high pagerank also sharing your blog in populaire websites will make google like your blog and this will make your posts in the first page .

6- The last point is to update your blog regulary by writing new posts daily or weekly .

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