Sunday, August 18, 2013
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Tips To Keep Your Computer Healthy

keeping your computer healthy is one of the essentiel things any professional or normal computer user should do, and in this post i will give you some advices to keep your computer new and faster.
1- Keep your computer clean
dust and dirt are deadly poison for any computer, it cause the difficulty of transferring data and the result is a low computer.
solution: it's very easy just open the case of your computer and clean it using hair dryer  every 3 months.

2- Download from trusted websites
there is a commun mistake between many peoples: they download from any website , always make in mind that there are many website with malware softwares if you download from these websites you will be hacked.
solution: always download from populaire and trusted website like cnet , softonic... .

3- Watching or downloading adult videos
this way is a new way in hacking world , do you know that when you watch this kind of videos malware or virus can enter to your computer then the website owner will hack you without you know and you will be controled.
solution: don't watch or download adult videos from any website.

4- Scan your computer
when you feel that your computer become very low try to scan it from virus using one of anti-malware softwares or just use antivirus.
read: get avg internet security 2013 for free

5- Keep hackers away from your computer
keep hackers away by closing the ports in your computer.
how to do it:
- enable the firewall in windows
- use some softwares
read this article: How To Close All Vulnerabilities In Windows By One Click

6- be careful who use your computer
Sometimes we go out and keep the computer where everyone can use it like children. children don't know what they should do or what broke the computer and make in mind that the computer which is used by one person stay for a long time than the computer used by many peoples.

7- Choose the right hardwares
if you build your own computer you should choose the right hardwares for example:
right: processor: Intel I7 - GPU: nvidia geforce gtx 660m - ram: 6Gb +
false: processor: Intel Pentinum - GPU: geforce gtx 660m - Ram 8gb

8- Update your drivers
keep your computer updated by downloading the last versions of your softwares and drivers.
you can read this article about: how to update your drivers at once
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