Thursday, August 15, 2013
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Google Encourage Developers to Create More Android Apps For Google Glasses

In the past months google has launched the new smart glasses called "google Glasses" , but the problem today is the little numbers of apps for this device.
So what google did is encouraging developers to create more android apps for Google Glasses based on the developement packages for the standard Android software development "Android SDK".
The developers were dependent on the development of applications on glasses set out on the Web services that communicate with a hard equipment for glasses through a set of programming interfaces API

But Google announce on developers conference Google I/O 2013 in "may-2013" its intention to launch package for applications development especially for google glasses under the name: "Glass Development Kit" , allows developers to build applications that are based on the system "Android" and that can work and interrelatewith steel equipment directly without glasses and media.

Referred that "Google Glass" operating system version is 4.0.4 of "Android", so there are many developers who are accustomed on developing this platform, in addition google has recently launched a number of special samples of applications for it glasses.
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