Monday, August 5, 2013
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Some Tips To Make Your Blog Populaire

Some Tips To Make Your Blog Populaire
The dream of any blogger is building a successful and populaire blog , especially new bloggers who don't know the way to go with their blogs to the top.
If i ask you what are the best blogs for you ? you will answer "this and this and this ...." so here ask yourself why you like these blogs? , because there is a secret .

What really make a blog successful and populaire ?:
The secret that make peoples like a specific blog is the "Content" because they find something unique in this blog which they cannot find it in any other website online SO:

Write Unique Content 
Don't use the copy paste strategie that build a failure blog, if you're a new blogger and you don't know how to write a good content that wonder visitors you have 2 choices :
  1. just Practise , we all start from zero so don't worry if you don't get ideas or good words because with every post you write you will become better . also you can watch professional bloggers how they write and what are the words they use to make a successful post 
  2. the seconde choice is write on Pronline Space (this blog) , just take a look on write for us page and send your post , then what i will do is reform and repair the post to make it better and i will send you some free advices to make your next posts better .
Find a good chair for your blog 
in Online world there are millions of websites and blogs that's mean there are millions of chaires but always there are empty chairs that you can get it for your blog , so all you need to do is finding a good place for your blog , and whenever the chair is front your blog become more populaire.
If you ask about the way to get a good place between these millions of websites i will answer you "just tell people about you" internet users will not search about your blog because they don't know that your blog is
online they don't know anything about you or your blog .
and i'm sure that your blog is better than many other blogs but these other blogs are more populaire then your, do you know why ? because it owners know how to tell the world about it . So just Say "HELLO World!"

Learn from the best
Even if you think that you're a good blogger make in mind that there are many bloggers better then you , and here you should learn from them and find the secret : "why they are better than you in blogging"

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