Sunday, August 4, 2013
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Increase Your Facebook Page By Adding Like Button To Blogger Posts

If you search on the internet about increasing traffic or getting backlinks for your blog , i'm sure that you find in the majority of posts that you should share in social media websites , but the problem of many new bloggers is they have a little number of facebook likes (fans).
But what if you apply this idea :
My idea is adding a like button in every blog post to allow visitors to like your posts , but what if we change that to make them like your facebook page not the post.

How to Increase Your Facebook Page By Adding Like Button To Blogger Posts ?:
- First to apply this post you should have a facebook page for your blog , if you don't have just create it 
- No go to Facebook Developers
- Click on social Plugins and find the like button or you can just click here to go directly to the page
- fill with you page informations and click on Get Code

- now go to your blog dashbord and click on template then edit HTML Code
- What we will do now is copy the first code and use CTRL+F to search for <body> , it's better to use just <body  to search .

- Paste the first code in <body> <body/> tag

- Now Copy the seconde code (in developers page) and search for  <data:post.body/> . If you find more than one choose than contain this code
-if you want he like button appear above every blog post copy the seconde code before <data:post.body/>
-if you want it to appear in the last of blog posts just paste in after <data:post.body/>

How this will help you increasing your facebook page ?
when someone read your post will click on like button because he thinks that this button is for the post but the reality is this button is for your facebook page .
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