Wednesday, August 14, 2013
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The 10 Most Populaire Questions On Google

The most of peoples in the world use google for searching informations , photos or questions. that's why there are more than 1 billion search per day on this amazing search engines. but do you know what are the most populaire 10 questions on google ?.
If you think that the 10 most populaire questions on the worlds are about technologie or logic think again , some of those questions are strange .
  1. What is the meaning of life
  2. What is the only animal with four knees
  3. Which way should elephants face
  4. Does he like me
  5. Why does the Internet hate Anne Hathaway
  6. How does Steve Buscemi make you feel
  7. How many of me are there
  8. How much house can I afford
  9. How will I die
  10. What is love

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