Sunday, August 25, 2013
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Experts are Demanding Bill Gates to return to Microsoft

Steve Ballmer will leave Microsoft at some time during the next 12 months when he finds a new CEO for the company, but the name of the leader probably has not been disclosed yet, and in fact, Microsoft is now in talks with candidates from inside and outside alike, so no one knows exactly who will take the CEO seat.
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But there is one name makes everyone dreams of the return of Microsoft's interest of it users, and not necessarily to be struggling so much in the hardware industry
Still consider that Bill Gates is the one who can save the company in the short term, although he said many times that he had no intention of returning to the job full-time again.

On the other hand, analysts believe that Gates must return at least temporarily until the board finds a new CEO who can help the company to return to the track again.

Jack Gold - technical analyst at Gold Associates - said in an interview with "USA Today" that "maybe it's time for Bill Gates to come back, even on a temporary basis."
At the same time, Gould explained that Microsoft could even consider Google Square, where giant that has many of the executives who can help the technology giant and channeled in the right direction and achieve success.

Gates said in a press statement released yesterday, "As a member of the planning committee for the new executive president, I will work closely with other members of the Council to determine who is the next great CEO."

But the sentence, which objected to by some, when he said, "We are fortunate to have Steve now in office to assume the new CEO of the tasks and duties," we know the love between Ballmer and Gates, but it seems that Gates is the other does not know how is the love of others to Palmer.

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