Monday, August 26, 2013
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A New Technology: House of Ipad

The newspaper "Daily Mail" Britain: A Spanish company invented a new system called "Openarch", converts the walls of your home to an Ipad performs all your orders.
The newspaper pointed out the new innovation, saying: "Openarch will allow to any user to see the latest updates on Facebook or Twitter, and Post new Tweets, or blog entries By talking to the wall."
And this Do not stop at this point, but it converts the wall to an interactive display can be implemented in any order you give to the wall, ranging from displaying video chat with your friend at big size , like you would talk to him directly, and can make the wallworks as an alarm to wake you at the time you choose it in advance.
The newspaper quoted to ion Kiovas, director of the Spanish company producing the new innovation as saying: "It was completed by 40% of the system, pointing out that in the near future will be available and anyone can buy it in order to turn his home into "iPad house."
Kiovas says: "Openarch can also controls everything in the house and uses it, you can drop home lights and concentrate it on someone or something, once you order the walls of this, and you can run music and any of household electrical appliances in the same way, and you can even running Skype system to hold a video conference through it. "

The director of the Spanish company explain the way the system works, saying that it depends on cameras sensors tracks users within the home, and be able to translate their orders easily to show results to the nearest surface facing the user who turns quickly to the screen interactive touch screen can be driven user whatever he wants. "

How Openarch introduce their new Project:

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