Sunday, August 25, 2013
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Steve Ballmer Retires From the Position Of Executive Director at Microsoft

Microsoft announced that the current CEO Steve Ballmer will retire from his post within 12 months and will relinquish his responsibilities as soon the alternnative person is selected.
And He wrote an open letter to the team of Microsoft explaining the decision and the strategy as a step forward, and described the timing of his retirement that it's in the middle of the process of transferring Microsoft to become a hardwares and services company, and now Microsoft need a new CEO remains for a longer period, focusing on the new direction of the company.

Steve Ballmer was a prominent member of the leadership of Microsoft Corporation since joining them in 1980, and received his duties as chief executive after the resignation of Bill Gates in 2000.
The period saw Palmer's work in the company's management several important stages, particularly the restructuring of the operating system for smart phones (windows phones) and entered into a strategic partnership with Nokia and begin to enter the world of devices with the launch of the Tablet PC Service.

Steve Ballmer owns 333 252 990 shares of Microsoft, the stock closed at today's meeting on the price of 32.39 any of his fortune around $ 10.794 billion as investments in his company before the rise. And after the rise to less than 7% and reached the value of the shares owned by Palmer to $ 11.563 billion, putting an additional $ 769 million in the its total.
The Microsoft Corporation has announced earlier today the resignation of current CEO Steve Ballmer in the timing described as the center of the transition to become Microsoft's strategic hardware and services company.

and form the board of directors of a special committee with the member of the company's founder Bill Gates to search for the right candidate during the 12-month period by Ballmer will continue as interim executive director manages the company pending appoint irreplaceable.
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