Saturday, July 20, 2013
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Computer Freezing While Playing Games

Sometimes many gamers face the problem of computer freezing when they play video games especially if it's a high performance game . so in this post i will give you the solutions that can help you solving computer freezing .
- Clean your computer from dusts
dusts is the most populaire cause of freezing computer even if you don't play games , take this advice to keep your devices healthy : " computers or any other device is like any human , it need to be clean to stay healthy" so if you don't clean your computer from dust or any other things under the cover don't thing that it will stay long time .
To keep your computer healthy and solve freezing problem you should clean your computer every 3 months, it's very easy you can use for that Hair Dryer .
Notice : If you have a laptop and don't know how to open it , don't do it , just give it to professional person
to do it for you .

- Use Thermal paste 
Thermal paste is a kind of paste that you put it on the CPU to keep it cold , that's why after every 3 months or more you will notice that your computer is hotter than other days , it's beacause you need to change the Thermal Paste . the Thermal paste has a big role in keeping the computer cold when you use computer or playing video games so this can be the cause of your problem .

- Virus or Hacking scripts
There is another thing that can be the cause of freezing of computer , it can be hacked or contain virus so here you should use take care on security of your computer and scan it with antivirus .
Take a look on : How To Close All Vulnerabilities In Windows By One Click or you can use AVG Internet Security for FREE for one year .

- Update your Drivers 
Old drivers can be the cause of freezing while playing games or making your coputer slow , so if you want to keep it fast you should update your drivers , and especially the VGA drivers , and for that you can use this post : How To Update All Drivers At Once
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