Wednesday, July 17, 2013
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How To Create Many Channels On Youtube Using One Email

create many channels in one account
Many youtube users like uploading videos on youtube in many catagories that's why they create many channels in different catagories with different email , but this can be a problem like forgetting these emails or passwords .
That's why youtube has found the solution , from today you can create many channels on youtube using one email in one account . and all this by using the new features in youtube for podcasters called Youtube Switcher . so how to do it ? this what you will learn it in this post .

Step1 : First thing is going to Youtube Switcher 

 Step2 : Click on Create a new Channel

Step3 : Now you can fill this with the informations of your new channel ( the name of the channel , catagorie ...) 

Step4 : Check the box of accepting terms and agrements of google+
 And finally your new channel on youtube is ready and you can switch between your youtube channels with easily without signing out and signing in .

Every new channel you create it on youtube will has automatically a new page on google+ , also every channel is separate to other channels so if one of these channels is closed the others will stay also you can use youtube partner to make money in each channel alone that's mean if you create 10 channels each of them are separate to other.

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