Thursday, June 13, 2013
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Make Money From Youtube Using Youtube Partner

how to make money using youtube partnerI recieved many emails from many visitors on pronline space asking me about making money on youtube and it's possible or not , in fact making money on youtube is possible and you can earn thousands of dollars from your channel using a program called Youtube Partner.
Youtube Partner Program allow publishers with resources and opportunities to improve skills, build fan bases, and earn more money. As a YouTube Partner, you will join a global community that includes musicians, filmmakers, comedians, athletes, and more" 

 that's mean you will be supported from youtube because you're now a partner with them, you will make money just by uploading videos on youtube and not only this , when you become a partner with youtube your channel will be distincted to other channels so you can add your own logo , you can use special tools only for youtube partner users . and in this post i will show you how to sign up in youtube partner to easy make money .

Terms and conditions to join youtube partner :
-You should have a populaire channel
-your channel must have thousands of views
-your videos must be populaire and distinct
-don't download videos from other channels and upload it in your channel without permission
-you should have a big number of videos (more than 100 videos)

How to join Youtube Partner :

To join the youtube partner go to then click on Get Started 

after that it will appear the terms to join youtube partners you can read it if you want but don't forget that you read it up this post , also the ways to make money and how much you will earn with youtube partner .
So to go to next stpe click on Enable My Account .

check the 3 boxes and click on I Accept 

Your account is enabled and waiting for reviews this can take few hours . so next step is monetizing your videos and to do that click on Monetize Videos .

Read the 3 sentences and check what you want then click on Monetize .
And now you signed up in youtube partner and what you need to do is waiting until youtube send you an email to tell you if they accept you as a partner in youtube .

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