Tuesday, July 16, 2013
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Itunes Errors And Solutions

If you want to restore your iphone or anything else there is a possiblility to get many errors in itunes like error 3194 , 1601 ,21 .... but this is not a problem because in this post i will give you the solution of the most populaire errors in itunes that face users when they update or restore their iphones .
Itunes error 3194 during restore 

Causes :
- You try to restore your iphone in old version of IOS ( for example today the last version is IOS 6.1.3 so if you try to restore to 6.1.2 you will get this error)
- You don't have the last version of itunes
- You don't use SHSH file in restoring to the old version

Solutions :
- Using SHSH file to restore your iphone
- Use the last version of Itunes
- Modify tinyumbrella to make HOSTS file connect to the server during the restore by following these steps :
  1. Open TinyUmbrella
  2. Choose your device 
  3. Click on Advanced
  4. Uncheck "Set hosts to cydia on exit"
  5. restart your computer
- Make sure that you try to restore to the last version of IOS

Itunes error 1

Causes :
- You try to restore from new version to old version and this error appear because you can't downgrade the baseband 

Solutions :
- You can solve this error by downloading RedSn0w and following these steps :
     1- Open RedSn0w
    2- Click on Extra

    3- Choose Recovery Fix 

    4- Shut down your iphone and click on next 
    5- Now follow the steps in redsnow to put your device in DFU mode 

    How to put the iphone in DFU mode 
    • ShutDown your iphone 
    • Click on Power+Home for 10 Secondes
    • Now remove your finger from power button but keep clicking on Home button


    Itunes Error 1013 

    Causes :
    - An error in connecting to server ip

    Solution :
    Modify Hosts file by following these steps :
    1. Right click on NotePad 
    2. Execute as administrator
    3. File --> Open 
    4. Open Hosts File that you can find it in C:\ Windows \ System32 \ Drivers \ etc 
    5. Delete every line contain ip of Apple (like the image bellow)


    Itunes error 1015 
    Causes :
    - This error appear with Iphone 3GS with updating Baseband to 06.15.00 and you try to restore it with normal firmware and not custom firmware 

    Solution for IOS 5.0+ :
    - Create a custom firmware using Sn0wBreeze

    Itnes Error 1600,1601,1602 .... 

    Causes :
    - A bug in USB Cable 
    - A bug in connecting the USB file 
    - An error in connecting the DFU mode in computer 
    - Restoring with Custom Firmware 

    Solutions for Version of IOS 5.0+
    - Download RedSn0w and follow these steps :

     1- Open RedSn0w and Click on Extra 

    2- Click On Pwned DFU 

    3- Follow the instructions in RedSn0w 

    4- After you finish you can restore your device from itunes by clicking on Shift+Restore
    Error 1004 when you download from app store 

    Causes :
    - This error appear when you restore your iphone with fault informations in your computer (like date ...) 

    Solutions :
    - Sign out from App Store and reboot your iphone 
    Itunes error 13 
    Causes :
    - A bug in itunes or you don't have the latest version of itunes 
    - You try to restore to a BETA version of IOS or a version that is stopped by Apple 

    Solutions :
    - Download the latest version of Itunes 
    - Change USB port 
    Itunes error 20,21 
    Causes :
    - An error in Hosts file or connecting the DFU mode to the computer 

    Solutions :
    - Delete all Apple's ip from Hosts file 
    - Put your device in DFU mode using Recboot 
    Itunes Error 1013 during restore :

    Causes :
    - This error appear when there are missing files in itunes 

    Solutions :
    - Change USB port 
    - Try from Another Computer 
    - Uninstall itunes and download the last version 
    Itunes Error 2001-2002-2003-2005-2006 during restore 

    Causes :
    - Some errors in itunes files 

    Solutions :
    - remove itunes completely by going to control panel then programs and features then download these programs by order :
    • Itunes 
    • Bonjour 
    • Apple mobile device 
    • apple application support 
    • apple software update 
    • Quick Time 
    then download the itunes from this link

    Itunes error 9815-9814-9812 

    Causes : 
    - False date/time in windows 

    Solutions :
    Make sure that your date/time are correct 

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