Thursday, June 27, 2013
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The New Windows 8.1 Features And Free Download

In the last hours Microsoft has launched the new update of windows 8 called windows 8.1 for download with many new features and performances that can make a big change in OS World .
The new version has many new features that can make it better than the previous windows 8 like :
1- Appearance 
in windows 8 the start up screen was limited and that's what make many users say that this is a failure version. but microsoft has solved this problem so users can now :
- Adjust the lockscreen to display pictures of user's choice
- You can change the background of start menu
- arrange startup menu icons in groups of user's choice
- Show all programs by dragging the screen to the top
- Now users can display icons in two size : the big size for more informations and the small size to get more space in the screen (like the picture bellow)

2- SkyDrive
Microsoft has integrated the Cloud Storage Service (skydrive) in the new windows 8.1 so users now can add and delete files by using skydrive service in startup screen

3- Settings Update 
In this new update you can open all computer settings without opening the control panel .

4- Internet Explorer 
Windows 8.1 wil be provided with Internet Explorer 11 designed for touch screens , so users now can make a new experience in using this browser with touch screens with fastest surfing and new performances .

5- Windows Store and new Apps 
Microsoft has improved it updates in the new windows 8.1 for example users can use many apps at once by Splitting the screen to 3 parts and use the 3 apps in one time .

6- Security 
You can say that this version is the safest from all windows versions . Microsoft improve the security in this update to make it safe and to prove this microsoft give 150,000$ for who can hack it new version of windows 8.1 .

Download Windows 8.1 :
- Actually you can download windows 8.1 unless if you have windows 8 installed on your computer because microsoft don't did not provide an ISO file for this version , but i will upload the ISO files of windows 8.1 when it issue on pronline space facebook page
- Make a backup of your files because your files can be deleted after you update to windows 8.1
- If you accept you can download windows 8.1 from official website by clicking on Get It Now
- After you download it and reboting windows a new window will appear tell you install windows 8.1 accept and continue downloading .
notice : this is a beta version of windows 8.1 so there is a chance to get problems so if you're not ready to install it or you're a normal user i advice you to wait the final version .

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