Thursday, June 6, 2013
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How To Transform Your Blog Into A Money Machine

So after you learn how to build a successful blog and the seo strategies to make your blog in the top of search engines you should think about profiting from your blog and transform it into a money machine .

in this post i will show you the ways to make money blogging , using the best and the fastest ways that will make you a successful blogger .

1- Advertising 
 A- advertising is one of the essential and populaire ways to make money from your blog . making money from ads is one you put ads on your blog and you earn money on each person click on this post , and if you don't know where you can use one of the ads programs like Google Adsense , Chitika , Bidvertiser .
 B- Also you can sell ads space on your blog for real persons but in this way you can get money on each person click on the Ads OR per mounth .

2- Affiliate 
Affiliate is when you make someone buy or signup in a program or website with your link . so you can use this way to encourage peoples to sign up in a website like hostgator and you will get money on each person sign up under your name .

3- Affiliate Marketing 
Affiliate marketing is one of the most populaire ways to make money on internet and blogging . affiliate marketing is selling others products online and you will get a commission on each product you sell it , you can make money from this way using blogging (writing a review for example ) or email marketing (i will explain it in the next step) . affiliate marketing is the best way if you want to get a good income online .

4-Email Marketing :
Email marketing is selling products or marketing programs with email , you can sign up in one of email programs like aweber and put the email web for on your blog .

5-Sell your own product 
one of the easiest ways is to sell your own product online so if you're good in something like computers or design anything you can create an Ebook and sell it online using many ways like Clickbank and other peoples will sell it for you .

6-Blog reviews
Many peoples don't like selling or inviting others (affiliate) so if you have a populaire blog you can make paid reviews for other peoples who want to monetize their blogs .

notice : in this post i don't depth in explanation but in next posts i will explain each way alone so stay tuned
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