Friday, August 9, 2013
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Write A Letter To You Of The Future

i'm sure that you don't understand what i mean by you of the future , so i will explain . today's post is about how to write a letter today and send in other date for example after 3 years for you of the future.
Anyone of us has many dreams which he wants to achieve it in the future but we don't know if we will achieve it or maybee we will forget it .

OhLife give you a chance to send a letter for you in the future to say anything for yourself , so imagine how much it's amazing when you open your email after 20 years and you find a letter from you which you send it when you was a boy or teen .

- So first go to OhLife 
- then choose when you want to send this letter
- write your letter which you will send it for your self
- and write your email
- after you finish your letter click on Submit!

They will sned my letter to me after 3462 days , i hope i achieve all my dreams , and i hope you do .
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