Saturday, August 10, 2013
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How Does Pro Bloggers Think and how to be like them

If you want to be a pro blogger , the first thing you must do is thinking like a pro blogger , if you ask how to think like them don't worry this what you will learn it in this article.

- be Patient
The most commun mistake between new bloggers is they think that success and building populaire blog is overnight or come in some days . what you will do now is changing this point of view and before you start a blog make in mind that you will wait very much to make it in the top.
And if you don't believe you can check you alexa rank after some days of creating your blog ( more than 15000000) , and always make in mind that there are many bloggers who hard work to make their blogs in the top and you should do the same.

- Hard Working
If you create a new blog in blogger or wordpress ... that's mean you're ready for hard working , creating a blog is easy but make it a good blog is difficult . and if you don't know what i mean by hard working i will answer you by :"think,write,share" : think what internet users want , write about it , share for them , and the result is getting visitors who want more articles.

- Think like your visitors
do you notice sometimes that you search fro something on the internet and you don't find it but when you enter to a website you find all what you need and more ? , this is how pro bloggers think , they now what visitors need to give the more thhan they need , let's take an example : when you write a post don't write whatever , because visitors don't need this "whatever" they need a solution for their problem or an advice from a professional , and if a visitor come to you you must make him feel that you're this professional.

- Design
What is the first thing visitors will se when he visits your blog ? he will se the design , so then what ? make sure that if your design is bad or visitors think it's bad they will not continue reading your blog even if they find what they need , and maybee you notice that sometimes you like a blog from the first look cause of design but the content is bad , and sometimes you hate a blog cause of desing even if the content is good .
so you should choose a beautiful and clair design for visitor's eye.

- content is the king
if you choose the good design for your blog then you finish the half of the work the seconde half is writing a good content that attract more visitors , how ? here you should think like a pro blogger : if you write a high quality content visitors will like it and will return many times to read more so you will get returnig visitors for free , the seconde thing is when visitors like your post they will share it with their friends , the result is many visitors from just one post.
and if you want to get visitors you should optimize your blog by using SEO strategies.

- Tell the world about you
No one will search about your blog when you create it and no one will know that you create a blog, so the solution is telling peoples about you and you can do that by advertising your blog , and for that you can use google adwords .
also one of the most important points is adding your blog to search engines , and make in mind that more than 70% of visitors come from search engines like google

- Email List
"The money in the list" this is the most populaire sentence between pro bloggers , if you want to make money from your blog or make returning visitors the best way is building a big email list to send your members an email to tell them about a new post or suggest them to buy a product.

- Learn from others
Don't say it's enough i know everything and i don't need to learn more , everyday internet users write new things you don't know and you don't read it before , so don't let these informations go away without you read it , and if it's really you don't need to learn that's mean you're the best blogger in the world.

- Negative and positive points
In the night and before you sleep think or write the negative and positive things that you do it for your blog , to transform the negative points into positive and keep doing the positive points .
and with time your blog will be better and better and why not the best blog in the world
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