Friday, August 23, 2013
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A New Coffin to Entertain the Deceased After His Death

Day per day we saw strange things and we read strange informations , and one of these informations is: A Coffin to Entertain the Deceased After His Death.
yes this is true , one of the swedish companies has launched a new coffin that contain many entertainment tools that entertain the deceased after his death.
by the new york times this advanced coffin contain an LCD television and big disk space that can run thousands of songs.

But if you want the strangest information see this: this coffin can connect to Wifi to allow other peoples (alive peoples) to listen to the same song with the deceased and also they can delete or add more songs.
The price of this new coffin:  31000$.
Do you like this ? add a commun with your opinion about this new invention.

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