Tuesday, August 6, 2013
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Can The Desert Become a Green Paradise?

We see many ideas about the benifits of turning the desert into a green paradise but we don't expect that this can be real.
Today everything change, in Qatar and thanks to it new project which was launched during the month of November last year, in conjunction with the Climate Conference of the United Nations, which was held in the Qatari capital, Doha.

In Qatar desert, climate does not provide the right atmosphere for agriculture, but with this project which called "Deserts forest" proved to be quite the opposite.
It produced this little project that runs along the ten thousand square meters of cucumber crops, barley,
watercress, and by using unconventional methods of agriculture, scientists use sea water and have relied on warm climate of Qatar in the cultivation of these crops.

And this technology which inspired from Norway based on using salty sea water and warm atmosphere enjoyed by Qatar, then it will be converted to many sources  such as water, energy and enough agricultural production .
This sources work together to give many benifits to human and as example:
- Sea Water work to keep the Greenhouses in good temerature
- Use the sunlight to get Energy
and all this can be a good solution for many world wide problems such as pauvrety and hunger
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