Wednesday, August 7, 2013
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the New IOS 7 Beta 5: New Design update and Performances

I don't know why but apple has launched the new update of IOS 7 beta 5 just after one week of the launch of IOS 7 beta 4 .
Apple say that this new update contain many new repairs, but this not all what it's changed. IOS 7 beta 5 has many new things like the new settings icons and twitter icon .
the size of the new update is 150Mb with the version name 11A4449a is available for all developers and all devices with IOS 7.

What's new in IOS 7 beta 5
- Settings icons has been updated
- Remove audio notification when the device is locked
- Updates on the call buttons
- Change the design of the buttons in the screen Slide to power off
- Add the option to desable the control center in the case of running applications.
- Add an option to remove the names of the applications.
- Modifications and improvements in design and animations.
- Updating the background color when turning the phone ON

New features and New Design

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