Wednesday, July 10, 2013
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Best SmartPhones In The Market

Are you thinking of buying a new smart phone but you don't know which mobile is the best for you ? in this post i will show you the best smart phones in the market in different areas .

Best Battery Life
In call time - Samsung Galaxy S4 has come the 1St with 1051 minutes in calling and in seconde place Sony Xperia Z with 985 minutes so if you're always traveling and you need a long battery life smart phone Samsung Galaxy S4 Is the winner.
Internet Use - Many users are using smart phones to surf the net or watching film but this can be a problem if you have a phone with short battery life so also in Internet Using Samsung Galaxy S4 has win the competition with 405 Minutes in internet using and HTC One in 2nd place with 339 minutes .
Charging Time - If you don't have enough time to charge your phone Iphone 5 is for you with 141 minutes to complete charging and Nokia Lumia 920 in the 2nd place with 152 minutes .

Best Smart phone Camera
If you like taking photos iphone 5 is for you with 8 megapixel camera and 1024Px video recording , also if you like taking long photos you can use Panorama on iphone 5 but if you're in a place with high moving iphone 5 is the fastest in taking photos .

Fastest SmartPhone
Samsung Glalaxy S4 is the fastest SmartPhone to today with fast processor quad-core Krait @ 1.9GHz . In Geekbench the S4 come with score 3,188 before the HTC One with 2,798 .

Best Design
If you like design and good looking Htc One is for you with elegant design in aluminium , very brigh screen with 4.7 inch and 1080p.

Top Seller
Iphone 5 is the world's best selling smartphone with 27.4 million iphone 5 sells in 2013 and samsung galaxy S3 in 2012.

Biggest Screen 
the biggest screen smartphone go to samsung galaxy mega with 6.3 inch . this kind of smartphones is the best for watching films or playing games for it clarity and brightness.

The Most Expensive
If you like expensive phones iphone 5 black diamond is for you with $15.3 million , this smartphone designed by Stuart Hughes a british designer .
this phone is made by 45 expensive diamond in all the body of the mobile and the home button .

The less expensive
Don't have enough money to buy a smartphone ? it's not a problem you can buy the less expensive smart phone " huawei ascend W1 with just 250$ , with a good camera and many features .

The Useful and simple
LG Spirit is the best for users who like simple smart phones , Lg Spirit countain many features under the simple design and simply using . in contrast to other smart phones LG Spirit is good for new users or peoples who use smart phones just for calling.

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