Wednesday, July 24, 2013
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Apple Devices Camera Is Slow to Open : How To Fix this Issue

2:43 PM
Sometimes you want to take a photo for an amazing moment with your iphone or any other apple device but the camera don't load fast and you loose that moment which you want to take a photo .

This issue can face many of apple users especially on iphone 3GS cause of the large size of Camera Roll album , so we will try to solve this problem , for this tutorial i will apply on ipad 2 .

1- Try to restore
a restore can solve this problem , if the camera of your iphone or ipad... don't open faster this can be a cause of many things ( i will talk about it later ) or an issue in IOS files so you can try this solution.
I think many of you dear visitors will not like this solution so keep reading .
2- Move or delete some photos
When you open the camera there are many files will be readed with your iphone and the camera roll album is one of the files that will be readed so you can say that when you have a large size calera roll album , the camera of your album will load slowly.
so the solution is by moving all photos in camera roll to another album , you can organize these photos in related albums to make your photos organized and the camera roll more faster .
follow these steps if you don't know how to move photos to a new album

First open the Camera Roll album

then choose the photos which you will put it the same album.

then click on add to a new album 

repeat this step with all your photos to leave the camera roll album empty.
Finally reboot your device and try to open the camera , if it is the same problem move to the third solution .

3- Free some space 
This issue can be the cause of large size if your files so try to delete apps/games that you don't use it to get some free space in your apple device .

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