Tuesday, June 11, 2013
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What's New In Apple Developers Conference

Apple Developers Conference

The world has witnessed yesturday a big event : Apple Developers Conference . Apple launched new devices and updates to its Mac and IOS . so i will give you the summary of this conference for who don't watch it .
Apple launched at the conference a whole new Mac Pro ,it is a professional and rarely used by normal peoples but it's more used by film producters .

2013 new mac pro

The New Mac Pro has got a very large update in design and performance it support now the 4K format of video with the possibility of linking with three screens at one time and two types of Processors.
Learn More about the new Mac Pro on apple

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2013 the new macbook air

the new macbook air battery lifeApple has launched a new MacBook Air with Amazing new battery Life work to 12 hours in 13 inches devices and 9 hours in 11 inches devices .
The new macbook pro was provided with a new stronger,faster processor and increase the performances of hardisks.

The New Macbook Air Price :

the new 2013 macbook air price

os x mavericks

The new Apple OS : OS X Mavericks . this new os has many additions like the Apple Maps , iBooks and the new addition Finder tabs to easy surfing and reducing the number of tabs using in surfing the net .
- A new app called APP Nap To measure the consumption of the device for Processor and RAM .
- iCloud Keychain to save your passwords with iCloud service , Alerts feature development and make it more professional with the possibility of Quick reply to any notice .

os x mavericks features

the new ios 7

And finally the IOS 7 with a large updating and new additions which we used in the past the Jailbreak to found it .

ios 7 features

A new system with a new way and less using of battery life , also a full control center of the screen and easy access to Settings , Wifi and Bluetooth and lighting control , music and others.

ios 7 additions and updates
big change camera application and Photographs also you can divide photos and arrange them with a new way based on location and faces.
Safari browser Update with new way in review pages and navigate among them, also Apple don't forget the Siri which it been updated and nowYou can control lighting screen with it and write your Tweets or import it with Siri .

- A new feature which transfer files using Wireless between your devices in case you are in a single network.
- the iTunes radio feature to listen to music via the Internet and the possibility to buy them, also an update for studio photos, videos and new Albums arrengement method .
Learn More About The New Apple Devices And Updates On Apple.com

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