Sunday, June 2, 2013
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How To Get 100 Gb Storage Space For Free

get 100 gb for free

Having big size files may be a problem for many peoples if they don't have a storage space in their hard disk to store it so they delete it but sometimes these files are important and we can't delete it . that's why today i will explain How To Get 100 Gb Storage Space For Free .
this way allow you to access to your files in any place in the world and from any computer without taking your hard disk with you . in this post i will give you the way to get 100-GB space to store you files just by signing up in Surdoc. 
Surdoc allow you to upload 100 GB online without worrying about hacking or spy , this website will give you 100% security on your files , so no one will see you files except you .
Notice : this is a limited offer from surdoc so hurry and sign up before end of time 
so this is the way on how to sign up on surdoc 
1-Go to
2-Click on Get 100GB Free

3-After you click on get 100GB Free , it will apear a contact information , so complete the blanks with your informations and don't write anything in promotional code

Congratulation now you have free 100GB storage space you can upload your files and access to it from any place in the world , but before that you should verifie your email.

After you verifie your email and for your security and the security of your files you should choose a security question to revover your password if you forget it or someone else change it.

now your account is ready for uploading files to 100GB size

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