Saturday, June 15, 2013
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How To Create A Privacy Policy Page

If want to sign up in google adsense but they refuse your blog for the copyrighted materials you should create a privacy policy page for your blog and in this post i will show you exactly how to create a privacy policy page to solve the problem of Copyrighted materials in google adsense .
1- First go to the dashbord of your blog
2-Go to layout and add a new gadget then choose HTML/JavaScipt

 3-copy and past this code in this gadget

<a href="">Privacy Policy</a>

and don't forget to change pronlinespace by the url of your blog 

4-now create a new blank page by going to pages => Blank Page

 5- the page name is Privacy Policy , now you can create the privacy policy of your blog . but if you don't know what to write you can use the privacy policy generator website called

6-and finally this is the privacy policy of your blog , you can read the privacy policy of pronline space as an example
7-after you create your privacy policy page google adsense will accept you if your blog don't countain any other problem .

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