Monday, June 10, 2013
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3 Not Known Alternatives To Ccleaner

If you think that CCleaner is the best software for claning computer , you should know that there are a lot of peoples don't like it . that's why in this post i will show you 3 Not Known Alternatives To Ccleaner which give you better results in cleaning computer .
1st Alternative -Xcleaner :

Xcleaner is a Free software which have a similar performance with ccleaner , so you will not find a big change between xleaner and ccleaner . You can download xxleaner in two version : normal and portable so you can put it in your USB Flash Memory and take it with you at any place you want .
Xcleaner has many Features like deleting temporary files that make your browser slow or Temporary files on your windows .
Go to the official website of Xcleaner 

2nd Alternative -DriveTidy :

DriveTidy is the best tool for who like little softwares what you do is clicking on Quick Cleanup and it will start cleaning your computer but you can click on Show All Options to enter the advanced settings . you can say that DriveTidy is one of the best alternatives to CCleaner .
Visit the official website of DriveTidy

3rd Alternative -SlimCleaner :

SlimCleaner is one of the strongest softwares in cleaning computer from temp files and it has many Prizes. SlimCleaner can clean your computer from the files that slow it down and if you want to optimize the startup of your pc slimcleaner is for you. It's an excellent alternative to CCleaner but his popularity not good like ccleaner .
Visit the official website of SlimCleaner

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